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Communication infrastructure
Road communication
The Opolskie Province has one of the best-developed road networks in Poland. The A4 motorway, which is the most important communication route, is the main part of the Pan-European Transportation Corridor Berlin-Kiev and in the future Brussels-Rostov upon Don.The motorway is the element of the communication system, which concentrates the flow of the greatest number of commodities and people in the south of Poland. Simultaneously, it ensures efficient communication. The sites located in the neighbourhood of the motorway are very attractive particularly for prospective investors. They are concentrated within 6 centres by the motorway: ‘Prądy’, ‘Dąbrówka’, ‘Gogolin’, ‘Olszowa’, ‘Nogowczyce’.

Railway communication
The railway network in the Opolskie Province is twice as highly developed as those in other parts of Poland. A number of railway routes of great importance to domestic and international com­munication cross the Opolskie Province (routes: Dresden-Moscow, Malmö-Chałupki). The future plans include development and mod­ernization of railway routes thanks to which quicker transport of a greater number of people and commodities will be ensured.

Air transport
The Nearest airports operating domestic and international fl ights: Wrocław (101 km) and Katowice (102 km). Two airports operating in the province: Kamień Śląski and Polska Nowa Wieś, the latter has a grass runway designed mostly for sports use. Kamień Śląski airport is a private one, a local airport for the Opolskie province is planned to be developed on the site.

Airport in Kamień Śląski

Possible development of Kamień Śląski airport:
- international connection service (cheap airlines),
- regular service to Germany,
- charter flights,
- cargo,
- General Aviation,
- Certifi ed Centre for Aviation Training,
- airplanes from all over Europe.

The airport is an important element of the Opolskie Province communication system thanks to the infrastructure (concrete runway length is 2350 m and width is 60 m, the airport area – 285 ha, at a distance of 100 m from the airport there is a railway siding and a hotel where guests may stay while visiting Kamień Śląski and the Opolskie region); and its convenient location:
- 8 km from the A4 motorway,
- 105 km from Wrocław,
- 65 km from Katowice,
- 35 km from Opole,
- approximately 300 km from the German border,
- 45 km from the Czech border.

Water transport
The River Odra is a natural thoroughfare which flows parallel to the A4 motorway. Soon it should become an international inland water transport route. This water route, which is full of opportunities, crosses the Opolskie Province from the port in Koźle in the south of the region to Lipki on the border of the Lower Silesia Province. Kędzierzyński Canal and Gliwicki Canal play an essential role in water transport. The largest port is in Kędzierzyn-Koźle.
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