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Let's defend what's ours How the Opole Voivodeship won in 1998
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Clam shrimps
Recent clam shrimps:
  • have internal compound eyes
  • possess large bivalve shield which covers the entire body
  • have a staggering swimming mode in which the second antennae in addition to their legs are used
  • filter nutritive particles out of the water or stirred-up mud

Eulimnadia texana (from: www.animaldiversity.org)

Caenestheriella gynecia (from:www3.uakron.edu/biology/hmpg1.html)

Analysis of multilamellar shell structure has allowed the identification of: five species assigned to the genus Laxitextella (A).

Moreover, two new species have been described: Menucoestheria bocki (B) and Krasiestheria parvula (C).

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