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Let's defend what's ours How the Opole Voivodeship won in 1998
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Green algae

Chara fragilis and its oogonia
View of the fruiting branches of Chara showing the easily recognised sex organs (from: www.waynesword.palomar.edu).

Gyrogonites are mostly the only elements of charophytes that become fossilised. Four species were found in the bone-bearing bed at Krasiejów: Stellatochara germanica (1-4), Stomochara starozhilovae (5-8), Stenochara kisielevskyi (9-11), Porochara triassica (12-14). (from: Zatoń & Piechota, 2003)

Recent green algae mostly belong to eurytrophic ecosystems. They are associated with various types of shallow, alkaline freshwater lakes and ponds (photo above).

Research data indicate that probably the Triassic lake at Krasiejów was: shallow (to a few metres depth).
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