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Let's defend what's ours How the Opole Voivodeship won in 1998
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Interregional cooperation

The Opole Land has developed all-round cooperation– not only in the economic sphere - with a number of foreign counterparts. The Opole Voivodeship is one of the signatories to a four-party agreement on interregional cooperation with Rhineland-Palatinate (Germany), Burgundy (France) and Stredicesky Kraj (Czech Republic).

Other agreements of this kind include the following partners:

  • Komitat Fejer (Hungary)
  • Iwano-Frankowski Oblast (Ukraine)
  • Olomoucký Kraj (Czech Republic)
  • Arad County (Romania)
  • Comunidade Autónoma de Galicia (Spain)
  • Basilicata Region (Italy)
  • Styria Region (Austria)
  • Pradziad and Silesia Euroregions.

The Opole Voivodeship was the first to open its Information Office in Brussels.

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